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Increasingly, retailers and manufacturers are seeking on-site, value added services to improve the efficiency of their operations, simplify processes, shorten their supply chain and trim costs.

At Supernova Logistics, ​we offer a portfolio of value added services, in-warehouse or in-plant, at point of origin or destination, within our facilities or your own.​

What differentiates us is the way our supply chain engineers work with your people, on site, to fine-tune a truly bespoke solution. Optimizing the benefits, all to agreed quality standards.

Value Added Services Include:

Kitting and Assembly

By delaying production-ready, or customer ready, kits and light assemblies until they are needed, we give you increased flexibility over your inventory. Keeping stocks low and meeting volatile consumer demands. In the retail sector, we provide garment-on-hanger services and we support promotions by pre-assembling point of sale displays.


Our repackaging services are supported by experts in both structural and visual design, so we can retain packaging or improve packaging functionality while meeting user requirements whether it be for ‘shelf appeal’ or for ease of handling. We focus on reducing the time and money involved in developing display packages so that you can get from concept to a prime position on the retail floor faster, cheaper, and as part of a planned logistics process rather than a last-minute add-on.


Labelling is also vital, both at retail and for tracking, tracing and visibility through the supply chain. We can supply and develop cost-effective barcode and RFID solutions, tailored to customer requirements but fully integrated both with our own warehouse and other systems, and those of your customers. Our efficient processes guarantee quality through extensive code verification processes, while reducing your costs in label stock management, equipment and technical support.​​

Maintaining the highest quality standards, Supernova Logistics offers on-site inspection of inbound and outbound goods and components, reducing wastage, protecting your brand.


Managing pre-installation work such as software installation, configuration and testing on a wide range of products including copiers, printers, cell-phones, and other electronics, as well as battery charging for the automotive and manufacturing industries