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Cargo Insurance Service

Make your next move with SUPERNOVA

Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines, Airlines, NVOCCs, Trucking and Railway companies and other transportation intermediates all have limited liability clauses in their terms and conditions  if your cargo is lost or damaged in transit.

We therefore recommend all our customers to cover their cargo value with an insurance for any direct damage from door to door.

As an option to customers, cargo insurance is provided as a backup to your policy which has no impact to your annual premium if claim established, or sporadic needs to cover the goods.

Protect your company from financial exposure as a result of physical loss of or damage to cargo by purchasing our Cargo Insurance.

We handle all cargo with personal and professional care, but we also acknowledge the risks of transportation. Together with our global insurance companies, we offer competitive insurance coverage for almost all types of cargo.

With our Cargo Insurance you will benefit from:

  • All-risk insurance that includes war & strike risk cover ( ICC A terms )

  • Full invoice value reimbursement ( plus freight and up to 10% profit )

  • Specially designed cargo insurance that fits your needs. Cargo insurance can be either per shipment or per year

It is important to remember that indirect damages such as delays, are not covered by any cargo insurance. A solution, in case the shipment is urgent, is to consider a higher service level that offers a higher reliability on transit time.

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