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Distribution Hub


With 2 local warehouses in Yuen Long & Kwai Chung, Supernova provides 24/7 warehousing services for our valuable customers, for instance, palletization, cargo loading and unloading service, VAS service etc.


Not limited to common warehousing and cargo-in-out services, we are aiming at generating value for your goods at our logistics centres. To fully cater your special needs, we provide a wide variety of value-added services at our logistics centres, including inventory management, packing, labelling, wrapping or sample attachment, services to lower shipper’s warehousing and cost.

We strictly follow the principle of “First-in, First-out” and pay high attention to other necessary factors such as products’ expiry dates, temperature control and lot management. With products consolidated at our logistics centres, cost effectiveness of the consolidated delivery can be achieved and your receivers can enjoy higher convenience. Not only you would be satisfied with our services, we also aim at exceeding expectations of ultimate consumers.

Inventory Management
Cargo Inspection
Sample Attachment

    Inventory Management                       Cargo Inspection                        Sample Attachment                            Wrapping             

Pick & Pack
24 Hours Security

                                        Labelling                                     24 Hours Security                              Packing

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