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Customs Brokerage Service

Supernova knows that speeding the custom clearance, documentation, and inland clearance process allows greater savings to our clients. So, our staffs are well-trained who possess thorough knowledge of Custom regulations in China & Hong Kong. We are aimed at tailor-making the most efficient and economic transportation strategy for each shipment.


Besides, our personals are experienced to choose the most appropriate carriers and the best route for each shipment. Utilizing our extensive experience in project consultation and problem solving, we are capable of running parallel program for individual needs.


Scope of Custom Broker service that Supernova offers:

  • Arrange Ex-work service from China and Hong Kong origin, and coordinate with China & Hong Kong Custom

  • Distribute import cargoes to Hong Kong and China with custom clearance service

  • Manage the delivery in destination

  • Provide assistance for on-forwarding consignments (transship cargoes)

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